Rain 3.0 Side Sleeper Bgp42awmp Pillow 20 X 26 SLEEP TESTED to fit side Sleepers or large body types The Rain 3.0 performance pillow provides the perfect alignment for side sleepers or large body types. The REACT™ foam crown contours to your body and provides the perfect profile for optimum alignment of your head, neck and shoulders. Our 6.0 Ver-Tex Climate Control Fabric also provides instant heat deflection and airflow to keep you cool throughout the night and regulate your body temperature for maximum recovery. VER-TEX® CLIMATE CONTROL FABRIC- Provides instant heat deflection while remaining cool throughout the night, allowing the body’s natural temperature drop for maximum recovery and rejuvenation. AIR-X® VENTILATED PANELS- Our 3D structure keeps air flowing, moving heat away from your head, neck and shoulders while maintaining ambient temperatures in the pillow core REACT™ CONFORMING SUSPENSION Crown - Alleviate pressure points during sleep results in increased recovery. The React foam crown contours to your body’s natural shape and motion. Blend - Our unique React blend is combined with silk-feel microfibers create support for your head, neck & shoulders allowing for the pillow to adapt to you without push back, eliminating pillow bounce to improve deep sleep. CARE - Spot Clean Only SIZE - Personal Performance 20" x 26"
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